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Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Led by Professor Tim Hughes, the Precision Medicine Theme is committed to understanding the factors that determine patient-specific responses to disease or therapeutic intervention, enabling us to better predict patient outcomes, stratify patients to the best treatment options, and develop more personalised, targeted interventions.

Our research is conducted under the following programs:


The overarching goal of the Cancer Program is to foster excellence in the full spectrum of cancer-related research from fundamental discovery to the development and delivery of innovative clinical trials. The Cancer Program is comprised of the following research groups:


The Computational and Systems Biology (CSB) Research Program is developing advanced computational and experimental systems biology approaches to generate, interrogate and model complex biomedical and molecular data to enhance our understanding of how complex systems such as the immune system, cancer, or the nervous system are dysregulated in disease. The CSB Program is comprised of the following research groups:


The Microbiome and Host Health Research Program is focused on better understanding the influences of the microbiome on human health and disease, and aims to develop strategies to reduce the incidence of preventable disease, and to improve clinical outcomes, at both personal and population scales.


The Gene Editing Research Program uses state-of-the-art molecular genetic approaches to develop CRISPR technology to enhance human health. Professor Thomas is also the Director of the South Australian Genome Editing Facility (SAGE), a fee-for-service models which generates genetically modified mice using CRISPR to model human disease mutations.

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